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  Consulting & Expense Management

Traditional Services

Consulting &
Expense Management

Emerging Technologies

Energy Solutions


Consulting for Business Solutions - Professional advice based on accurate, historical, and timely information used to support business processes. We offer “best of breed” options.

Telecom Expense Management - An accurate inventory of every piece of equipment and service that you use. Maximizing your costs based on term plans and usage.

Co-Location Space -
Physically moving your equipment to an off-site data center designed to provide your service in a secured environment with redundant power sources.

Wireless Expense Management
An inventory specifically targeting wireless devices optimizing volume, term, and usage plans.

Disaster Recovery and Business
Continuity -
Floods, storms, structural damages and "Acts of God" are difficult challenges. You can rely on our Business Continuity solutions to keep you in business.

Project Management - Coordinates every aspect involved in the project and their costs, such as those derived from moves, changes of services and upgrades. This service manages them and ensures your needs are met, costs are in line and levels of communication are in order.
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